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Annual Chapitre 2017
02 December 2017

Dear Member,


On behalf of the Committee I am pleased to announce our Annual Chapitre. This will be held on Saturday,

the 2nd of December 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Beginning with the Enthronement Ceremony at 19:30hrs sharp, all new members and members being

promoted will receive their medal and ribbon. Existing members are also welcome to attend the Ceremony

if they so wish.


This year 19 "new members" will be enthronized , and we are very honoured that among them is the new

Ambassador of Italy in Cyprus, son Excellence Monsieur Andrea Cavallari. Also, 6 "Chevalier" will be promoted to "Officier" and 3 "Officier" will be promoted to "Grand Officier".


A Ruinart Champagne Reception will follow the Enthronement Ceremony at 20:00hrs and Dinner will commence

at 20:30hrs in the Four Seasons Ballroom. Please be punctual.


Our Conseilleur Culinaire, Executive Chef of the Four Seasons Hotel, Mr. Panicos Hadjitofis, has prepared a gourmet menu for this special event, a copy of which you will find enclosed. The food and wine matching have been chosen by our Professional Members, Grand Officier Maître Restaurateur - Mr. Leonidas Leonidou, Maître Rôtisseur - Mr. Yiannos Gregoriou, Echanson - Mr.Heinz Mueller and myself.

This festive experience, including entertainment, is priced at, €130 per person including all taxes. Members can invite up to two non-member guests, who must be aware of the Chaîne Commandments and the dress code,

which is strictly BLACK TIE.


Members must wear their ribbon!

Unfortunately, very few members do not wear their ribbon. I have to point out, that it will not be

accepted as it’s a rule of our Confrérie.


Kindly note, that it has been observed that some members make a reservation and on the day of the dinner they do not attend.  Since our events are very popular and therefore usually fully booked, I do believe that it is unfair that members who are on the waiting list are unable to participate for this reason.  In view of this,a full non-refundable pre-payment is required.

Advanced payment for your booking :

-by cheque payable to "Chaine des Rotisseurs" and mail to the following address:

Mrs. Marina Knowles, Four Seasons Hotel P.O.Box 57222, CY-3313 Limassol.

email :

tel: 25858102


-by bank transfer to Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Bank of Cyprus - Acc. No. 0331-01-080876

IBAN CY94002003310000000108087600

Kindly email us a copy of the bank slip for the Chaine’s recording.


- La Maison du Vin

tel: 25 736220

P.O.Box 50479, 3605 Limassol


I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, the 2nd of December!

Vive la Chaîne!


Victor Papadopoulos

Bailli Délégué du Baillage de Chypre / Membre du Conseil Magistral


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